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Credits to Bosslogic for this great piece of Bruce Lee

Welcome to Striking Markets! A newsletter where I (Brucey0x) share my journey in crypto, hunting for alpha and sustainable edge.

Throughout the past decade I have founded and scaled businesses in the entertainment industry. Years ago I developed a love for investing in equities and since I've discovered DeFi, all my investment energy has shifted there. I'm now transitioning from the daily operations of my companies to full-time investing.

I've co-founded Deus Ex DAO, a decentralized investment syndicate that invests in early-stage projects that are progressing the crypto space, where I'm a core contributor. We have a podcast that I regularly co-host, that I'd encourage you check out.

I expand on my investment strategy here, but in a nutshell: I'm a concentrated passive investor with a long time horizon. I ascribe to knowing that I hold, seeing the big picture and sizing accordingly. I strive to hold fewer than 10 crypto assets and currently only hold 4 stocks. I supplement this with stablecoins (that I run delta neutral strategies with) and am growing an illiquid crypto allocation via early-stage investments.

I've been inspired by many people I've met that are deep into crypto, who often felt like kindred spirits. Besides the retail speculators, the space attracts contrarians with passion for tech, finance and culture. My kinda crowd. I've enjoyed sharing my thoughts on the space on Twitter and my newsletter, which has led to great relationships, constructive discussion and collaborative investment research. It's improved my learning and returns.

In that spirit, I'm building Striking Markets. I want this to be a source of signal amidst the noise. I'll write when I have something substantial to say, but am aiming for at least a post a month. Topics will include fundamental analysis of altcoins, market trends and reflections on the investment process. I hope it'll give you an edge in this still inefficient market.

I'm an active early-stage investor and advisor. If you're a founder building something interesting, or VC/angel needing assistance with due diligence, I'd love to hear from you. I also enjoy connecting with readers and invite constructive feedback and discussion. My DMs are open.

- Bruce