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Credits to Bosslogic for this great piece of Bruce Lee

Striking Markets is a fund by Budi Voogt (aka Brucey0x). The fund runs a barbell portfolio, balancing a liquid global macro asset allocation as the "bar" with directional investments in public and private blockchain and software companies as the "bell". For my angel investments, I often co-invest with my blockchain and personal network in a syndicate.

I've founded and scaled multiple businesses and artists in the entertainment industry in the past decade. I traveled globally, learned the importance of community and what it takes to grow companies - all bootstrapped. Years ago I fell in love with investing as it combined my interests in technology, business and financial markets, and I've been able to pursue this full-time after exiting my music businesses in 2022.

I've co-founded Deus Ex DAO, a blockchain investment community, angel syndicate and advisory. We have a podcast that I regularly co-host where we invite the sharpest minds in crypto, that I'd love for you to check out.

You can read more about my angel investment thesis here. If you're a founder looking for funding and think we're a match, pitch me! Or if you want to learn more about my syndicate, touch base.