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Striking Markets

Welcome to Striking Markets! A newsletter where I (Brucey0x) share my crypto journey, hunting for alpha and sustainable edge.

I combine fundamental analysis with an understanding of narratives, price action and yield farming to identify promising investments. I like finding projects early and am often among the first thousand holders.

Striking Markets is intended to provide signal amidst the noise. Posts include fundamental analysis of altcoins, market trends and reflections on the investment process.

Would love to have you along for the ride.

- Bruce

Recent Posts

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Bridges: (ir)rational valuations - an investment framework

Bridging is a homogeneous service that will eventually be abstracted away. A user won't know what rails they are using. They will simply try to go A>B for the cheapest price. This is max a few years away. My thoughts on if these non-differentiated products are investable: I think

Bridges: (ir)rational valuations - an investment framework
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My crypto backpack

Your information diet and toolkit is essential to succeeding in crypto. This space moves so fast that having the right sauces is key. I'd like to think I'm DEEP down the rabbit hole. An article on who I follow and what I use to thrive & survive out there: 👇🏽 Let's begin

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The passive investor

I’m inspired by investors like Munger and Buffett (Berkshire), Li Lu (Himalaya Capital), their more modern day equivalents like Michael Shearn, Fred Liu (Hayden Capital) or crypto contemporaries like my friends Ace Da Book [] (To The Moon Capital) and GLC [