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Aflorithmic is rethinking audio advertising with AI

We invested in Aflorithmic. With their audio production suite, anybody can make great audio advertisements in a fraction of a second.

Budi Voogt
Budi Voogt
3 min read
Aflorithmic is rethinking audio advertising with AI

Aflorithmic is building an AI audio production suite. The use cases are awesome. Their first product allows for the seamless creation of audio advertisements, without needing to ever use a studio, voice actor, music producer or audio engineer.

Aflorithmic's charming team

I discovered the business through my friend Laurence Grant (thanks fella!). Most of us have been learning about and experiencing the benefits of how AI/ML tools. But with such new technology often come many new participants, resulting in noise. As an investor, I can definitely testify to seeing countless founders add AI/ML related buzzwords to their decks to increase appeal.

Luckily Timo, Peadar and Björn of Aflorithmic are the real deal. They have decades of experience in data science, AI/ML and commercial functions. This, combined with their passion for music, makes them uniquely positioned to run this business.

I think the best way to explain the utility of this product is to demonstrate it:

Let’s walk through a real world example. Imagine we’re a small business owner, using Aflorithmic to produce an audio ad for use on Spotify, Pandora and terrestrial radio. Via Aflorithmic’s self-serve frontend or API, we prompt the system:

Product name: “Premium Amsterdam Rentals”

Product description: “Based in Amsterdam and founded by John Doe, Premium Amsterdam Rentals is the best rental agency for expats living and working in Amsterdam who are looking for a luxury rental, quickly and affordably.”

Now Aflorithmic works it’s magic. It converts these prompts into a ~30 second script that’s just right for an audio advertisement. We then choose a voice and language. We’ve chosen an uplifting American English female narrator. But if we wanted to, we could even deliver a voice recording of choice to Aflorithmic, which they could use to entrain their systems. Aflorithmic then adds a fitting soundbed, arranges, mixes and masters everything. And then outputs your audio file.

Here’s the output from this exemplary prompt. Mind blowing, huh?

Premium Amsterdam Rentals ad

This is only one of the many use cases. Imagine what else is (or soon will be) possible:

  • Localization of any media that has audio. The system can be entrained with the voice of speakers and output any language of choice. Imagine all your podcasts, workshops or courses being accessible in the native languages of your customers.
  • Dynamic advertising. Using performance feedback from paid marketing tools, the system can experiment with different scripts, voices, soundbeds and languages to generate the best performing ads for each audience segment.
  • Leveraging the arrangement, mixing & mastering engines to cost-effectively post-produce audio content.
  • Turning written content into audio format, for example blog posts to podcasts, or educational articles to audio (maybe with supplementary video).

There’s a great SDK for developers to integrate, including a generous free tier. And they just launched a public no-code frontend that anyone can use to create audio advertisements. You can sign-up for the free beta to experience the magic firsthand. And if you’re a business creating, servicing or distributing audio advertisements, Aflorithmic would love to hear from you.

Striking Markets is thrilled to have invested in Aflorithmic’s recent round and we look forward supporting the team as they scale their company. Participants include, among others, Deus Ex DAO, Hello World Investments and Mike Zhang.

If you’re fundraising, interested in co-investing or sharing dealflow, please head to my site to learn more about Striking Markets, our thesis and process. I'd love to hear from you if you think we're a fit.