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Angel investment syndicate

Striking Markets is an angel investor syndicate focused on early-stage companies building Media Technology and Future of Work.

Angel investment syndicate

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As a founder and operator with a decade of experience, I bring a unique perspective to start-up investing. I founded the Striking Markets syndicate to collaborate with my network to invest in and support founders in their critical early stages.

Our investment approach

  • Early-stage focus: Pre-seed and seed stage.
  • Investment size: Initial investments of $25-100K. Median $40K.
  • Added Value: Beyond capital, our investors have decades of experience and network in music, SaaS, blockchain and venture capital.

Sector focus

  • Future of work: AI-driven efficiency, remote work enablement, creator economy, community empowerment, legal tech, mindful tech.
  • Media technology: Pioneering solutions in music, video and content. Social platforms. Marketing and branding.

Qualifying criteria

  • Asset light business model
  • Initial traction: You've built something, got initial users, generated revenues
  • We prefer supporting underrepresented founders

My journey

  • Music Industry: Founded and scaled ventures like Heroic and bitbird. Exited in 2022. Developed artists from bedroom producers to performing at Coachella. Grew teams to ~20 people, operating globally.
  • Marketplace: Built music industry job board MusicCareers. Exited in 2022.
  • Blockchain: Founded investment DAO Deus Ex DAO. Its 25+ members have deep industry experience and include fund managers, traders and crypto builders.

Guiding principles

  • Belief in the transformative power of niche communities, especially in the digital realm.
  • Diverse founders are underfunded and can outperform.
  • First-time and small business entrepreneurship will continue to grow with education, tooling and ways to monetize a community.
  • Work will trend more remote and freelance.
  • Financial literacy and education must improve to achieve equality.

Want to invest with us?

Accredited investors can join us on the following terms:

  • 20% performance fee, small deal fee for SPV costs.
  • Open to hands-on and passive investors.
  • SPVs via Odin.

I'm eager to share dealflow and collaborate with other syndicate leads, funds and family offices. We want to play long-term games with long-term people.

Working on something ambitious? Pitch me.

Interested in joining the syndicates? Apply here.