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My crypto backpack

Budi Voogt
Budi Voogt
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Your information diet and toolkit is essential to succeeding in crypto. This space moves so fast that having the right sauces is key. I'd like to think I'm DEEP down the rabbit hole. An article on who I follow and what I use to thrive & survive out there: 👇🏽

Let's begin with tools.

Onchain analysis

I love @nansen_ai. It's great for seeing smart money flows and permits Discord & TG alerts. Reviewing those daily is alpha. Also good for analysing activity on a token or wallet. Standard plan is totally worth it even for smaller bags.

My other love is @glassnode. It's terrific for seeing activity on BTC & ETH, short & long-term holder patterns and help give colour to any analysis of conventional markets (spot, derivatives). Advanced plan is OK but you need pro for the long-term holder dataset ($799/mo).

They have a great YouTube show called "This Week On Chain" hosted by @_Checkmatey_ & @TXMCtrades. I watch it religiously and it's taught me most of what I know about onchain analysis. They often cover the LTH metrics so gives you a view w/o having that expensive plan.

Market analysis

For spot/futures data and cool metrics like Open Interest/MCAP I use @coinalyzetool. The data they provide for free is tremendous and can give you an edge in markets. I esp. like their aggregated data and comparing it to Coinbase, Binance & FTX.

Another such suite is @laevitas1. It also has great futures data, but even more information around options. I'm not that experienced on that front yet, but know the experts often use this platform, so worth a look.

DEX Charting

@dexscreener has quickly proven itself to be the best charting platform for EVM chains. Chart in USD or base denomination, set alerts, create watchlists, Tradingview charting display - super premium. And pace of improvement is high. Best of all, it's free.

For Solana I recently discovered @Dexlab_official their charting suite. Integrates with Raydium and has served my needs. Probably not familiar with all alternatives so would love to hear other suggestions you might have.

Portfolio management

Since the first time I used @0xFrame I haven't gone back to Metamask. It's open source, has responsive devs, integrates well with hardware wallets and is hyper-fast with shortcuts. Only app I have to use MM for is @mevprotection. A true life changer.

For tracking my bags, I use @DeBankDeFi. It's less load intensive than @zapper_fi from my experience (which I do still use to send transfers btw wallets, since Frame doesn't support that yet). Lovely UI and quick to integrate new farms. Bundles are helpful too.

One cool feature of DeBank is that they've created a feed of the wallets that you follow. There are larger accounts that they suggest but you can also plug the ones you sleuthed and check it for a daily feed. I've started doing it regularly.

Frankly I'm still looking for an equivalent to Debank on Solana. If anybody has any tips, let me know.

Productivity tips

In @discord one of the most helpful features I've discovered is the inbox, which shows your unread messages and mentions. I exclude "include @everyone and @role mentions". I check it daily every morning to get caught up.

It's helpful to separate newsletters from your regular inbox so you can read in batch. For Gmail, use [email protected] to subscribe and then set a filter to route to a dedicated folder. Then read that folder at your preferred time. Hi, clean inbox.

Great follows

These people help me create a holistic understanding of the market. I'm interested in onchain, spot/perps, macro, fundamentals. I avoid LTF traders, that's not my style. Some are great Twitter follows, but esp. look out for their long-form content.

The most rational BTC & altcoin trader I know is @davthewave. He's practical, advocating for long-term BTC accumulation and shorter-term altcoin trading as a hedge. Excellent author and his $5/mo newsletter is totally worth it. Binge read it all in a week when I discovered him.

For a synthesis of macro and spot/future/options data, I like @tedtalksmacro. He's objective and produces terrific content. Both his newsletter and YouTube channel are worth subscribing to. He also runs @basismarkets, a SOL delta-neutral protocol doing basis trading (got a bag).

The smartest traditional macro analyst I follow is @Econimica. His blog is absolutely stellar if you want to understand important macro trends such as global aging, impact of debt load on housing, shrinking employment participation in the US.

On the equity front, @LT3000Lyall is an outstanding investment manager that invests broadly and also writes an excellent blog. I thank him for refining my understanding of how liquidity drives markets. Start with this article as a primer:

Then onto some friends! @JackNiewold is perhaps the most prolific fundamental analyst on CT and is a great follow for narrative & value plays. He runs @cryptoprag which produces paid research reports and a newsletter. Totally worth subscribing to.

The best trend-follower I know is @ape_rture. He's taught TA for a long-time and his feed's a great way to get a sense for the state of the market. I've learned a lot from how he views markets and his willingness to share. Worth checking his YouTube content w/ @TheBirbNest.

Then there's the legend @Ace_da_Book who runs the @fourmoonsllc fund and is the most informed AND involved crypto community member I know. There's not an early farm he's not across and his @EthropyFinance community is a refuge for degens. His newsletter's worth reading too!

NEWSLETTERS Besides the content from the peeps beforementioned, there are a few additional newsletters that I consistently read.

@glassnode's Uncharted by Yann & Jan ( @Negentropic_). Great supplement to TWOC videos to learn about onchain and master the Glassnode suite.

Glassnode Uncharted
Crypto Market Intelligence delivered through unique charts. Click to read Glassnode Uncharted, by Yann & Jan, a Substack publication with tens of thousands of readers.

For insight into newly funded private deals, read the @dovemetrics newsletters. @reganbozman and his team do terrific work on this. They also have a public database of rounds raised. I loved their 2021H2 fundraising report, would rec starting there.

I follow few traders but @CryptoCred & @CryptoDonAlt their @RoundupCrypto newsletter is lovely. While I'm not a trader, I like their POV since they are conservative and rational. Helps me understand market structure and identify what outcomes are likely.

OG @cobie recently began writing material he's prolly been pondering for a while. His views are valuable since he's survived crypto for longer than 99% of us. Writing on pending unlocks and froth are great.

Cobie: thoughts on crypto, money, markets, life, whatever. Click to read Cobie, a Substack publication with tens of thousands of readers.

His pod @UpOnlyTV is the best in town, btw.

I'm deeply invested in the $CRV ecosystem and @CurveCap is the best way to stay abreast that eco. His daily newsletter is terrific and I generally share his opinions about what's positive for the space or not. Some general DeFi commentary in there too.

Keep Ahead of the Curve. Click to read crv.mktcap.eth, a Substack publication with thousands of readers.

Another great onchain/perp,spot&option/macro analyst is @@MrBenLilly who writes a great newsletter for @Jarvis_Labs_LLC.

Crypto insights to understand what will happen tomorrow. Click to read Espresso, a Substack publication with thousands of readers.

Altogether these materials should give you a broad feel of markets and a high signal on promising trends. I realize I've skipped @Delphi_Digital & @MessariCrypto however I trust you know about them already. I'll touch on podcasts in a later thread.

I believe these resources are a sufficient start for anybody with sufficient desire to succeed in crypto and pave their path. As this field moves fast and innovation & value is surrounded by "the casino", knowing what to consume is essential. It's probably too much already.

My rec would be to establish a routine that works for you. Don't check Twitter, Discord & Email incessantly, instead do it twice a day (AM/PM). Spend the in-between doing the harder work: fundamental analysis, charting, talking to teams, networking.

If you liked this article, consider sharing it or retweeting the thread. Would help a lot!

My biggest current objective is growing @DeusExDAO to be a leading ventureDAO and helping the industry flourish.

Thank you.


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